Friday, May 15, 2009

Sun Sun Sun

I am so excited for the nice weather this weekend, we haven't decided what we're going to do, but none the less, I'm stoked. It's just so nice to get outside and enjoy the air and have some fun. We've been having a lot of fun the last few days with Guitar Hero World Tour, which my folks got Brandon for his birthday(Thanks again!). It's been a blast, although yesterday morning the boys started at 6:15 am, and that's just a little to early to hear Eye of The Tiger over and over. I have to admit that I like the game quite a bit, Kim and I were rocking out last night, with me on the guitar and her on the drums. Those drums are tough, but once you get the hang of it, I'm sure it get's easier. I'm going to get a 3rd remote for us this weekend, that way I'll be able to bring in the vocals. For some reason, I'm a big fan of the singing. Ever since my Humpty Dance rendition at Tim's wedding a few years ago, I've loved rocking the mic. Although the audience in my living room is considerably smaller than the 150 or so guests at the wedding, it's still kind of a rush.

On the business side of things, we're cruising along. We're trying to get things worked through for our line of shirts, but sometimes being creative and original at the same time can be tough. The line "great minds think alike" is so very very true. You can come up with an idea, think it's the best thing since sliced bread and there is no way somebody else could have come up with that. Then you do some research only to find out that 17 other people came up with it before you did. Sometimes it is disheartening, but what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. If you come up with enough good ideas, one of them is bound to stick. Things are looking up for us though, some of those ideas I spoke about in previous posts look like they may be winners, one in particular. We'll continue to grind on everything and do our best, because we know that we'll be successful at whatever we put our minds to. If we don't think that, then what the hell is the point of trying?

If you are looking to possibly go into business for yourself, here are some very good sites that you may want to check out before you start your journey. Believe me, it's a journey. SBA,, if you're looking to get into online business, this is a good one at

I hope everyone has a great weekend, get out there and fire up the bbq, spend time with your family and be thankful.

Stay Positive

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