Monday, May 4, 2009


This weekend flew by, just like the rest of them do. Friday night Kim and I just grabbed some dinner and relaxed at home so that we'd be ready for the big shopping adventure on Saturday. We got everything we needed for the birthday party taken care of and then Thad and Trish came over. On Sunday, we went to church and then came home and immediately started preparing for the party. I made a new batch of rub, got 3 racks of ribs on the Traeger, made a new batch of bbq sauce, mowed the lawn and then prepared the chicken so it would be ready to go on the grill. We were expecting everyone at 2, and Kim and I finished all of our stuff at 2 on the dot. We had a great time with all of the family, ate to much and just relaxed.

On the business side, things went well with the change to the new look. My Mom gave us some good ideas for things to change so that it would look better. If anyone knows what looks good on the net, it's Mom. Now that we've got the majority of the remodel done, we really need to focus on our branding, from logo, to shirts to marketing. A lot of the marketing can be done for free, but we need everything to look streamline. We'll get it done, our graphic designer is just waiting on us to get her our ideas, and then she'll be off to the races.

It looks like the swine flu pandemic is causing some issues with suppliers and their customers. Seems that people like to hoard these masks, so one would think the supplier would provide more product. That is not the case, they want to discourage people from this hoarding, so they release just a bit more then what is normal. That makes it hard for people like us to have products for our customers. We'll make it, this swine flu is a joke anyway, it's just the damn flu.

We tossed around the idea last week of submitting my idea to Techcrunch50, but I don't think it's going to happen. Frankly, I think I'm pretty overmatched by these guys. I don't have a degree in computer science and don't know how to code, so I'd have to find a programmer that I know and trust to work for free. That is not an easy task, as I don't know any full fledged programmers. Who knows, we'll see what happens, I've actually got another idea that I think may be even better. That's me, full of ideas, but I just need to figure out how to bring them to fruition.

Stay positive.


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